Advanced Excel Training Course Topics

In case you’re looking for advanced Excel training courses, more than likely you’re not a total amateur to the idea of a spreadsheet. In fact, you’re probably very comfortable with cells, formulas, and functions.

Excel Training Course

Advanced Excel training courses will usually cover things like special functions. These might include ways of manipulating text or different elements.

For example, the Count if work is cool because it allows you to just check cells that meet a specified criteria.

In the event that you might want the total number of all cells that have a value of more than 10, you would use this formula:

The formula in B10 simply sends the range B1:B8 to the COUNTIF work, and specifies the criteria >10″. Note the use of twofold quotes in this case. On the off chance that you wanted a total of all the values that are exactly 10, you need not bother with the quotes; you would just use the value 10.

 In this next example, we want the total number of orders for apples:  As you can see, we can use Count if on text as well as numerical data.

Another topic you’ll likely find in an advanced excel 2019 course singapore is Macro programming. What is a macro? Simply put, it is a recording of specific tasks that can be played back voluntarily to assist you with automating the things you have to do.

For example, suppose that you have to format cells in a certain way inevitably. Borders, colors, and fonts and so on all should be consistent when you create a certain kind of report, for example.

You can start recording your macro, and format all the cells like you want, at that point stop recording your macro.

Whenever you have to format the cells simply select them, and run your macro, POOF! they are formatted.

And you realize what is really cool about using macros? They are not played back in real time. Instead, they are played back as fast as possible.

That means what may take you 30 seconds to do manually, would possibly take a split second in the event that you could do it with a macro.  Imagine the potential time you could save via carefully creating a macro to do all of your monotonous work in Excel.

 Macros can be called again and again, as much as you can imagine, and you can even have macros call different macros.