All You Need To Know About Butterfly Table Tennis

butterfly table tennis


When the founder, Hikosuke Tamasu, was dissatisfied with the caliber of ping pong rubbers, he created the Japanese company Butterfly. The company produces a wide variety of goods, including blades, rubbers, tables, and nets. butterfly table tennisis very popular. It conducted in-depth research and pays attention to details when creating items. Its creative strategy helped it to win favor in European nations like Hungary in addition to Japan. International competitions like the Asian Championships and the ITTF Pro Tour Finals use Butterfly as their preferred product.


View the selection of Butterfly goods from Sin Ten. The Butterfly Tenergy 05 Table Tennis Rubber is an example. It is a high-tension rubber that gives the ball a spin and also has a slightly sticky surface. Throughout its existence, this choice among elite players offers explosiveness.

An international sport is now table tennis. Millions of players worldwide enjoy the sport of table tennis, but it is notably favored in China, Japan, Korea, and Swedish. These nations are the origin of several well-known companies that are known over the world, including Yasaka, Stiga, and Butterfly.

These kinds of manufacturers have a lengthy history of creating high-quality equipment. These producers create equipment of a high caliber at reasonable costs. They are known for producing things that are more enduring than average. This article tells us about each of these companies and how they rose to prominence in the table tennis community.


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