How to enjoy a St Petersburg private guide


The largest country by size and one that is sitting coolly on top of the world is famous for its beautiful architecture and history over the many years of its existence. Russia is by far one the most interesting countries you can visit and while it’s huge geographical boundaries have plenty to witness, enjoy and experience, it’s the cultural capital of the nation that you need to visit. Experience the city the way it should be, get yourself a St Petersburg private guide.

The city has a host of places to visit and explore. From beautiful cathedrals to picturesque parks and everything in between, there’s something or the other that everyone can visit and explore to enjoy their visit that far up north.

Places to visit and enjoy in St Petersburg

  1. Cathedrals

A city with plenty to offer in terms of places to worship in, St Petersburg has some beautiful cathedrals for you to visit. For those who wish to enjoy the religious fervor and take in the beautiful work and architecture made asobeisance to the Lord,  the Church of Spilled Blood and St Isaac’s Cathedral are amongst a large number of places to visit.

  1. Museums

It doesn’t take a master’s degree in history to be aware of the fact that Russia has a rich history. From it’s days as USSR to its now current state, the books of history have plenty of tales talking about how it all came about. All this can be experienced best in museums, with some being amongst the most notable art museums in the world.

How to enjoy a St Petersburg private guide

  1. Places and Parks

A country as massive and strong as Russia would have its fair share of rulers at the helm trying to conquer the world. While their attempts may have unsuccessful, the architecture of the palaces and Parks built by them is breathtaking. Adding to the “culture” of the cultural capital, the likes of Peterhof Palace along with beinga park and the Catherine Palace along with its park are some of the more scenic places to visit.

  1. Tours

As mentioned countless times before, the city is rich in history and culture. And while the likes of museums and Galleries do tell you some parts of the story, tales of the Russian Revolution and all that followed right until Putin as the President are some that can only be enjoyed by visiting places around the city where all the action took place. Taking tours for the same is always a good idea.

These are some things to do when you get a St Petersburg private guide.