The Everyday Use of Affordable Perfumes Singapore

Perfumes are the most crucial thing that people often use while going out for a wedding, special event, party, or for such other events. Perfumes or scents are the most effective way to grab the attention of onlookers in any event. Studies have proved that both men and women are more inclined towards colognes or perfumes and they prefer to use a variety of perfumes that suit their persona well. This is the reason why today’s market is flooded with a variety of affordable perfume Singapore to choose from.It is the very nature of the ladies and they enjoy donning such an aura.

The perfume market is flooded with a variety of spicy, oriental, citrus, romantic, smooth, and floral perfumes to suit the individual taste of individuals. All these flavors have their own unique benefits and attributes. Depending upon your taste and personality you need to make a selection of perfumes. However, males often prefer using perfumes that are hard compared to the perfumes used by females which are usually soft.


Malachite is the product of the label “Banana Republic”. The name of the perfume indicates to cold and refreshing fragrance. Malachite was promoted heavily at its launch and people thought it might not be able to deliver what it is worth. However, Malachite was a success in the market and made its way into the women’s wardrobes in less than a month.  It has nice musk and vanilla flavor that is usually equated to the women’s personality.